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When it comes to design inspiration, the outlets seem endless. A walk through a local boutique or a walk on the beach, a browse through Pinterest or a stroll through the local market, a ticket to a foreign country or a pass on the local bus route. The list could go on. The secret to finding inspiration in the unexpected places is simply being open to the idea that you are surrounded by it every single day. Here are my top inspirations and how they influence my design style. 01. The ocean. Crisp, clean, cool tones and feel good vibes. 02. Texture. A necessary element in any space to add dimension and contrast. It also stands out to me as an element of foreign inspiration. 03. Nature. Earth to

3 signs it's time to hire an assistant

There are so many benefits to owning your own company - being the founder/CEO as well as the employer and ultimately the sole employee (for lack of a better term). No overhead costs that come with hiring an employee. You are not responsible for incentives like benefits or paid time off. You have the freedom to be alone in the studio and you get to manage your long list of deadlines, tasks and to-do's. Oh, wait. That's not a benefit! More time in the studio with a list of to-do's means business is going well. On the other hand, more time in the studio includes less time at home. More clients, less family time. Not a benefit. Business is booming and potential clients are knocking down your do

Designers Guide | 2019 trends

Designer's Guide? Do tell! We're talking all things trends in this month's Designers Guide. Every year, every season, and it may even seem like it's every week, a new trend unveils itself. Either everyone is on the trend wagon, or they find it trendier to not follow the trends. Sometimes trends clash or even contradict one another within one season, but hey, one man's trend is another man's trash and could simply depend which man you are talking to. Today, I'm simply sharing two of the trends that I fell in love with this year. One of them is the idea of simplicity and sustainability. The awareness of where materials are coming from, what are they made up of and just how earthy can we get wi

The Design Assistant | all about memos

Ok, so let's start with this... I love my job! What started as a small business managing social media accounts for any and everybody slowly morphed into something I couldn't have dreamed would happen at my own desk. I had this idea one day that an interior designer may simply need someone to order them samples - a tedious task amidst a giant design project. Designer is presenting luxury fabrics for gorgeous, custom drapery next week. Designer is also on site with the contractor and just received a call from the client - they're going to be back in town earlier, because a hurricane blew them away from their vacation (ps. you can't make this up.) What is designer to do without an assistant? I

Friday Five

What an "all over the show" week it was for me. From the desk to the baby pool and many things in between. In between all of those in betweens, I found some time to gather up five of my favorite things from the week. 01. Arteriors. If you don't know this furniture (and many more things) company... look them up. I do a lot of to-the-trade sourcing and communicating with furniture companies, but rarely do I take the time to browse as if I were shopping for my own home. This week, I found myself doing some out of my league window shopping on the Arteriors website, and I pretty much furnished my entire dream home. 02. Daily Planner. Honest statement alert!... I can be quite forgetful, outside of

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