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social media manager

growing your online presence through creative social media management. 

consulting and creating content to help businesses look their best.

how can i help?

The Social Media Manager is designed to take over the overwhelming task of staying active and relevant on social media. It's time for your business to thrive - with the support of consulting, content creation and account management!



- Social Media Accounts

- Content Calendar

- Ad Campaigns

- Blog

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- Content Support (social media posts, newsletters, blog posts)

- Social Media Engagement

- Analytics

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- Content Creation

- Graphics Creation

- Website & Blog Copy

- Newsletters

The Process:

Step One: Get the Details

Get your Welcome Packet below to receive more information.

Step Two: Let's Talk

We'll schedule a time to talk about your business needs and how I can help.

Step Three: Make it Official

If you're ready to move forward, you will receive the Project Scope and Service Agreement.

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You're a designer and need more than a social media manager?

The Design Assistant may be for you!

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