Rosé your way to greatness!

Have y'all been informed about the oozing with goodness Instagram account, Yes Way Rosé? Did anyone raise their hand with an exasperated YES!? Great, we're on the same page! If not, you absolutely just must check it out... it's like scrolling through Instagram while wearing rose colored glasses. Back story, and honestly the best part, this account was created by a couple of Rosé lovers turn BOSS BABES! The famous account of over 40K followers was created by writer Erica Blumenthal & designer Nikki Huganir in NYC, they took a social media platform of a picture post a day and used it to turn their love into a global brand. What I would give to sit at a table with a bottle of Rosé and squeeze every last bit of ladypreneur magic out of them.

This small snippet of a super awesome story is a very clear example of just how powerful social media can be. One platform can be a launchpad to boost a small business into big buck businesses. There is no denying that social media plays a crucial role in our modern business society, if you think of all the talented small business owners you are following on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. and take note of the thousands of followers they have - social media gave them the boost. For the small businesses that were drowning in a sea of corporate madness and struggling to be seen, it is platforms like Instagram that gave them some breathing room to hustle and be seen.

So, pour yourself a glass of Rosé, or whatever floats your boat, and get your thought bubbles floating filled with the ways you can maximize your business, venture, or story through platforms like Instagram.

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