Step one

When you close your eyes and dream about where you want to be, where is it and what are you doing? Living in Timbuktu selling scarves, teaching yoga on a paddle board in Costa Rica, or selling soft serve ice cream to dogs. Whatever it is and however impossible it may seem, or no matter how whacked out people may think you are for dreaming about that, you have no choice but to do it. Ok, you do have a choice, but don't you think you're kind of slapping yourself in the face to say, "here, tell yourself you can't do it." If we demand freedom to make our own choices and get that freedom, why aren't we making the choice to do what you really dream of doing?


I slapped myself in the face for years before I got pissed off enough at myself and just decided to do it. I saw that place I wanted to be and what I wanted to be doing when I closed my eyes, there's only so long you can keep your eyes shut, so I opened them and decided to do it. Granted, it is no easy. Simply making the decision is like climbing a mountain on a hot Summer's day with no shoes. I clearly remember the moment I said enough is enough, and my husband just so happened to be sitting next to me. We were drinking light IPAs around our fire pit with the two dogs on a super starry night and with one supportively challenging question from my husband - "What do you actually want. Once you decide that, stop talking about it and just do it." So, I cried. He thought he ruined the night, but he later found out that he just lit a fire under my ass and it scared the hell out of me. So, the next day I started working on my business website, asking for help in spite of my pride, wrote up contracts and LLC'd a company.

Where am I as this post is written? No where, I am writing on my unpublished website. I'll be purchasing my domain and going live next week and my guts are turning just thinking about it. This post is going to be Step One to sharing my journey.

(if there is one thing I truly hope for you, is to have a supportive someone to help you stop slapping yourself in the face. i cherish the heck out of mine and all the shoving he did for me.)

You can open your eyes now!

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