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Friday Five

Another Friday and another lovely day to make a list! My last share was 5 Things That Keep Me Going - the core of my life. Today I'd like to list off 5 things that I get through my week day with. No matter the routine, these five are my bullet points of the day.

5 Things That Get Me Through The Day

01. Rooibos tea. A staple I grew up on in South Africa. Tea time is usually envisioned with a sweet cup and saucer, as much as I love the tradition of tea time and my collection of teacups, I just can't start the day without mine in a large mug! For some extra flavor or a little zing, I like to add a slice of lemon to mine.


02. Spotify. No matter the routine or schedule of the day, I tend to grind a little harder with some background noise. The playlist varies depending on the task at hand, but I can always count on the Lumineers or Band of Horses.


03. A breath of fresh air. Thanks to my two furbabes, this is an inevitable step during my day. It's amazing what a smack to the face of fresh air will do to clean out the cobwebs. When I find myself numb to the outside world after sitting for hours at my desk, I know it's time to stand up, set foot on terra firma and regroup.


04. A solid snack. I don't know about you, but I turn into a mental brick when I don't have an energy boost. A snack or two throughout the day are a must to get those creative juices flowing - apple slices & peanut butter or avocado toast are a go to for me.


05. A glass of red wine (to end the day). There are many perks of working from home and one of my favorites is Happy Hour at home, even if I haven't crossed off every task on my daily to-do's, that glass of wine is like starting the day with rooibos tea all over again!

What gets you through the week day? I'd love to hear!


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