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3 apps every interior designer needs to save time

Let's get straight to it.

"Time flies when you're having fun" Yes that true, but for anyone running a business may also know that time flies when you're working. Overtime.

As a business owner, nothing is more precious than time when it comes to balancing home life, family life and work life. As an interior designer, you are also juggling the precious time of your clients. From meeting presentation deadlines to ensuring those samples arrive on your desk in time, there is an endless list of to-do's before you are standing in the home with your client, staring at the end result.

Thanks to technology, the options are seemingly endless when it comes to organizing, scheduling and planning. Through my own experience with various options to keep myself on track, I have discovered a few apps that help my clients stay on track too.

Here are 3 apps I love and currently use with interior designers -

Asana. Perfect for teamwork! You can assign tasks, create deadlines, monitor progress and more - for free. This is a platform that takes a little bit of effort to learn how you can maximize the features, but once you are familiar with all it has to offer, you'll love it!

Evernote. A single place for your notes, ideas, lists and reminders. Think of it as your note taking app. With a clip tool, you can capture ideas and inspiration through notes and images (yes, very much like Pinterest). It is also another great app for teamwork and project management and collaboration.

Later. Hands down, my favorite tool to manage social media content. If you have an hour or so to spare (depending on your creative mood), you can schedule a month's worth of posts not only to Instagram, but also Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Later is known to be the #1 Marketing Platform for Instagram - so naturally, I swear by when it comes to Instagram. You can create your content within the app (desktop friendly), get a preview of what your posts will look like and then schedule away at the peak times your audience will be engaging. Did I mention it is free? One of my favorite thing about Later is using it to manage interior designer's accounts for them... yes, you can save even more time by letting someone create and schedule those posts for you!

I wish you the most organized of days!

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