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3 signs it's time to hire an assistant

There are so many benefits to owning your own company - being the founder/CEO as well as the employer and ultimately the sole employee (for lack of a better term). No overhead costs that come with hiring an employee. You are not responsible for incentives like benefits or paid time off. You have the freedom to be alone in the studio and you get to manage your long list of deadlines, tasks and to-do's. Oh, wait. That's not a benefit!

More time in the studio with a list of to-do's means business is going well. On the other hand, more time in the studio includes less time at home. More clients, less family time. Not a benefit.

Business is booming and potential clients are knocking down your door, or flooding your inbox. Cutting corners on your design projects is not your style, so the only solution to not spreading yourself too thin is to cutting back in the client load. It is a solution, but it certainly is not a benefit.

It's time to hire an assistant.

With an endless list of tasks, losing time with family and turning away clients are three very important sings that it is time to shed the work load. But what about those benefits - no overhead costs, not being responsible for benefits and paid time off, the freedom to be alone in the studio? There's a solution to have the best of both worlds - hiring a virtual design assistant.

Interested in learning about the benefits of hiring a virtual design assistant? Head on over to the post 3 benefits of hiring a "virtual" design assistant.

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