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3 ways you can virtually get back on track

Do you feel like the to-do's are getting away from you? Are you overwhelmed with an unorganized desk and calendar? Do you need to get that off your plate?

No, this is not a commercial advertising a virtual assistant to handle all your daily tasks and create management tools for you to get organized and stay organized. Actually, yes. Yes, this is an advertisement doing just that.

With project management tools, calendars to create monthly social media calendars, and an inbox ready for your task requests, you can get back on track and save time while you're at it.

How, exactly, does this work you may be asking. In a nutshell -

I will set up a project management account for you in the ever so handy app called ASANA. This is a tool designed for business owners to manage their team's work, projects and tasks online. You don't have to be spearheading a team for this app to help you, it is a great option for individuals rocking their small business solo. I highly recommend it.

If you are lost when it comes to social media but understand the importance of it, I can get you started with a social media scheduler that allows you to create a month full of posts in 20 minutes (or so, depending how creative you are feeling). The Later app allows you to schedule your posts to auto post at any time you choose. This is the number one tool I go to when I am called upon to manage social media accounts. One of the most popular ways Later is used in my business is a simple way for designers to review and approve posts that have already been created for them. Yes, that is an available service here!

Finally, and most important, I can adapt to your business model. What is your process for daily tasks or major projects? Old school or new school, if it works for you and you just need someone to take it over and do it your way, I can help. My goal as a business owner is to see other designers succeed, whether it be with their current processes or a new structure completely, I want to make sure they succeed their way with my assistance.

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