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A bucket of proteas

You may remember from the post A brand new you that I have a serious love for the Protea.

Growing up in South Africa, there was not much hustle to speak of, but there was landscape for days. One of My Favorite Things from Africa's landscape became the Protea - a flower of enormous shape and color. In America, they can mostly be seen in plastic buckets at the grocery store - beautiful nonetheless!

Ok, technically it is not a flower. It is a "flowering plant", simple as that. But plants can be just as, if not, more beautiful than a delicate flower.

Just a brief history lesson for ya - the name Protea is derived from the name of the Greek god Proteus, a deity that was able to change between many forms. Quite fitting, as this plant slash flower has been recognized as 81 different varieties.

My personal favorite being the King Protea - open or closed, just as beautiful. If I could wake up to a bunch of these in a vase every morning I woke up, it would be a good day. I had a brief hair brain idea that I would plant a few bushes in my back yard when I live in Arizona... talk about hair brain and dollar signs!

Call me a dreamer. Faux will do.


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