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The Design Assistant | your best friend

A designer's best friend. This has kind of become a silly definition of what I do. I have worked in the design field for over 10 years now - from the customer service desk to managing a fabric department and then a studio. I absolutely love the world of interiors, but found myself wanting out of the business for a while to dip my toes in uncharted waters. It wasn't long before my dear husband brought to my attention just how much I missed it.

Rather than go back to work and punch another's clock, I decided to go out on a limb and start my own company. Lauren Spencer Designs has slowly morphed into what is now a service designed for interior designers eager to find someone to fill in the gaps.

How exactly do these services help a designer? Well, in short, if you have a project with a boatload of tasks (lets be honest, what design project isn't just that?!) and need assistance checking off some of those tasks for you, I've got you covered. Ask and you shall receive:

- Sourcing furniture, fabrics and accessories. You name the style, I'll do the legwork.

- Pricing products, services and labor - can we all agree this can sometimes be so not fun and rather tedious?

- Creating single or complete design presentations.

- Designing mood or color boards.

- Ordering memos and CFA's.

- and pretty much any other odd task that will help you get through this project without the need for you to be stuck in the studio from dawn to dusk.

Have you ever heard the story of the little elves who made shoes for the exhausted store owner in the middle of the night? They made so many shoes, the owner's store was booming with business in no time? Yes, no? Well, imagine that for your business, except I'm not an elf breaking and entering.

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