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The Design Assistant | all about memos

Ok, so let's start with this... I love my job! What started as a small business managing social media accounts for any and everybody slowly morphed into something I couldn't have dreamed would happen at my own desk. I had this idea one day that an interior designer may simply need someone to order them samples - a tedious task amidst a giant design project.

Designer is presenting luxury fabrics for gorgeous, custom drapery next week. Designer is also on site with the contractor and just received a call from the client - they're going to be back in town earlier, because a hurricane blew them away from their vacation (ps. you can't make this up.) What is designer to do without an assistant? I thought perhaps a designer could text me and ask me to do it for them and have them overnighted, like, last night. Oh, it happened and just grew from memos to project assistance. I freaking love my job.

A little secret, one of my favorite things to do is sitting down and picking through fabrics online - deciding which one I think fits the bill and ordering the heck out of them. I may not be receiving them in my own mailbox or having the chance to rub all the textures, but it is a delight nonetheless.

Kresswell Interiors | Robert Allen Design Group



Manuel Canovas

Hey, designer... I could be your best friend memo orderer and then some!

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