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Concept to Creation - game of thrones not included

You've met with your client, you know what they love (and really don't love), you've nailed the specifics and now it's time to wow them. There's nothing like a visual to get them on board. If you don't have time for SketchUp or just need a quick turnaround to get their attention, then a concept board may do the trick.

I spent an evening dreaming of a space that I could invite friends to and serve refreshments and funny stories from the good old days, and the most important part, NO TV! I mean, don't get me wrong, there's nothing like an evening well spent in front of the TV binging on Game of Thrones (because you're late to the game... like, really late). I found some organic inspiration from World Market and VOILA! A space you can be your best self with your best friends.

Your concept does not require as much animation as mentioned... but details, oh yes, the details you will need! Contact me... let's get real and get those clients juices flowing!

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