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Creating a Crate & Barrel look

One of my go-to sources for modern, affordable furnishings is Crate & Barrel. The quality is great, the looks are trendy but somehow never grow old. Kind of like the trendy look that lasts and never dates. Because trends are really good at that!

I came across this sofa during some sourcing and found it to be an optional sofa as opposed to THE sofa. That needed to change. Sometimes, all you need is a visual to get an idea on how beautiful a piece of furniture really is once it has been transfixed into a space. In this vignette, we showed off what the sofa could be once it was placed pretty with all the trimmings.

Naturally, sofa option became sofa win. Off we went to Crate & Barrel to pick it up...and of the cherries on top! 🍒


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