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Design | modern-spanish

My style, you ask? I've always been about the rustic-industrial (not counting the out of this world eclectic phase I went through), I then threw in some modern-farmhouse. And that was it, that was my style.

Until I discovered what style was categorized modern-spanish. It's been there for years, yes, but we're talking about the here and now. Holy smokes, talk about the sh*t when it comes to home styling!

What is modern-spanish? Envision Spanish Revival with the most modern elements. With antiques and oozing texture, antique rugs and the boldest patterned tile you can think of. This is it. This is modern-spanish. I am practically bubbling obsession right now. Shut me up and enjoy...

Domino | Photography: Coldwell Banker | Jessica Alba's LA Home

Emily Henderson @em_henderson | Photography: @tessaneustadt

Domino | Photography: Chad Mellon

Domino | Photography: Diana Relth

Here's to new things!

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