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Monday Mood | sexy beach

During some product sourcing, I came upon Design Within Reach. I have heard of Design Within Reach, but failed to realize how much goodness is on their website. Take a look at today's favorites inspired by today's mood.

I am always feeling inspired by coastal interiors or a classy bungalow atmosphere, so I naturally lean toward that style when seeking a little design inspiration. If you're on board with it but need to give it a little grown up look - go with moodier tones, black and white art and sleek lines.

Bed - Matera Bed | Nightstand - Loop Bedside Table | Lamp - Nelson Ball Lotus Lamp | Rug - Maharam Argali Rug | Pillows - Maharam Pillow/Borders & Angle Pillow | Art - "Surf No. 28" by Cas Friese

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