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5 Reasons Why You Need A Pinterest Manager

If you are interested in drumming up business on a platform where people go to get inspired by design ideas and have those ideas come to life. Pinterest isn't just for new recipes or kids crafts ideas. It truly is a wonderful source for interior designers to gain share their work, provide knowledge or promote blog posts and projects with Idea Pins, reveal their personality through themed boards and connect with like minded industry professionals.

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"I have an account and I have uploaded my portfolio into appropriate boards, so I'm all good." Nope, I am sorry to say, you are not all good. Pinterest, like any other social media platform, needs to be carefully and creatively curated, cultivated, you need to be present, engaged and continuously active if you truly want Pinterest to work for you and your business.

Not only that - deep breath - you need to be researching and implementing keywords and utilizing those three letters you don't want to mess with but know you need - SEO! If you want to reach the intended audience, and keep reaching them, you need to be pinning with intention.

So, you want all the things Pinterest has to offer but you don't have all the time to get them, To answer your question...then yes, you really do need a Pinterest Manager!

What Exactly Does a Pinterest Manager Do For You?

Set up your account (for success)

If you don't already have a Pinterest account, you will get set up with an account. This is a step that can take hours to tackle when done in a way that will be most efficient for your business. Think keywords and SEO to increase traffic, increase click and drive that traffic to your website or social media. By having your account set up by a Pinterest manager (or having your current account audited by a professional) you will be saving time and giving your business the opportunity to grow.

Perhaps you already have an account that was set up with love but not a lot of knowledge of the platform itself, a Pinterest Manager can review your account and offer recommendations and tips on how to vamp it up with;

  • Advice on board names

  • Removing or updating boards that don't fit your business model or message

  • Adding keywords to boards and descriptions

  • Refresh Pin and board descriptions

  • And the list continues..


Creating a board that showcases your work is an ideal way to put your work front and center when people visit your profile. A Pinterest Manager can add images to these boards with valuable key words, eye catching captions, descriptions and links. It doesn't stop there! Boards should be updated and refreshed often. They should be active and evolving to keep your followers eager to come back.

pin CREATION AND scheduling

Once the board is set up, the action doesn't stop there. Maintaining your account is one thing, but growing it is another thing entirely. Pinning regularly is priority to keep your followers, well, following. Your name needs to be popping up in their newsfeed on the daily. And this includes re-pinning other works or things that inspire you and your work. Sharing is caring after all!

There are multiple apps available where pins can be scheduled, alongside other social media platforms (ask your manager...maybe they'll create and schedule those posts too 😉). The preferred app being Tailwind. No worries - your scheduling app account will be created and managed for you.


You want your Pinterest profile to represent you and your brand, so customized pins are key to keeping your profile in line with your brand. Your Pinterest Manager will create and design beautiful and engaging pins to keep your boards current, informative and down right fun to visit. Now, a little heads up, not every Pinterest Manager is going to offer all the things. Pin design is one of those things. If you're interested in a more customized look with your own pins/idea pins, then be sure the ask if it's part of the package. Why is this, you ask? Well, this is a task that could involve a plethora of revisions from the client, so it can become time consuming for both parties. Pin Design is, in fact, often offered as it's own service entirely.


If you ask - your Pinterest Manager can continue to manage your account by monitoring analytics and SEO. They will stay on top of SEO and continually research relevant keywords and hashtags to help boost your pins. Social media is an ever evolving tool that can be successfully used to build a business. In fact, it's almost necessary in this day and age. Naturally, we have to evolve with it to max out on the benefits. So, if you wish - your Pinterest Manager will ensure your pins, boards and overall account are continuing to grow by implementing the latest SEO trends and features.

Having someone to plan, create and schedule is going to save you valuable time...and take away that burden of planning rather than the joy of pinning. If you're ready to commit to success from a beautiful, well oil-machined that is Pinterest - let's talk!


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