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Do you have a project roadmap?

Congratulations! You just landed a new client! You created the vision for the space, they love it, now it's time to begin. We all know how much work goes in to a project - physically and mentally. When you find yourself overwhelmed and needing to regroup, where do you begin?

Have you heard of a project roadmap? Picture all of the design elements of the project, on one sheet of paper, as a home base when you find yourself jumping from paperwork to grocery shopping to another job site and back to the studio. A project roadmap will be your refresh button, a boost of inspiration. And when you are juggling multiple projects, it will be there to guide you back to where you left off and act as a visual to keep you focused on the project in front of you. Print it out and pin it to your vision board, or insert it into the client's binder, anywhere that it is easy to see when you're ready to click refresh.


Contact me if it's time to create a roadmap!

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