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Friday Five

5 Things That I Love Right Now

01. Cross Stitch. Yes! I am owning it. This is a craft my mother taught me so many years ago and the subject I chose in Home Economics class. Mmhm, I went to an all girls middle school where Home Ec and Bible Studies was mandatory. Besides the point. Picking it back up at this age has proven to be nothing short of therapy. When I was pregnant with my baby girl, Marley Paige, I created a little piece to frame on her wall. Today, I am working on a quirky pattern of a little girl dressed up as a lion to add to her wall. It has become clear to my husband and I that a lion is her spirit animal.


02. Podcasts. I know... I'm running a little behind on the "whats hot and what's not" scene. I overheard my husband listening to Dax Shepard's podcast, Armchair Experts, and was hooked. I listened to every episode until I was caught up on our long drive from Arizona to Oregon. Today I am getting a big of a creative kick in the ass from Elizabeth Gilbert's, Magic Lessons.


03. Licorice Tea. If you haven't tried it yet and you are a licorice fan, trust me, it is amazing. It goes great with an evening you are opting for tea rather than red wine.


04. Coloring. As in, coloring in with crayons with my baby girl. Granted, at 17 months she isn't showing a ton of interest in sitting still to finish an entire page with me. Name one thing that gives you anxiety... ok, my turn... Seeing someone start a new page in a coloring book while leaving their previous page unfinished. Yes, watching this happen with a 17 month old qualifies.


05. The hours 11am - 1pm. Those are the 2 baby-free, distraction-free hours I get to work and workout. I am absolutely my child's #1 fan and love every precious moment I have with her, but man, those 2 hours are so peaceful. Yes, it requires the concentration to squeeze in enough inspiration and motivation to get some solid, creative work done... but I like to think I'm "working it" (as Bridget would say... Trolls... anyone?)

What are you loves right now... this very moment? Please share... I may need some ideas for tomorrow!


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