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Friday Five

What a challenging week I just trekked through. We won't get too personal here, but then again, why not? We are all humans here, right? If you checked the "I am not a robot" box, then we're good to go.

Husband left town for 6 days. An empty house sure does make you realize how much an extra body in the house can support a load at the end of a day without even saying words. Single Moms - you are saintly beings.

The baby was on rare form. I found myself fact checking (yes, Googling) every possible reason that may be causing her to act like the neighbors kid. Turns out she's just "at that age." Well, "that age" ran me ragged and I even found myself questioning my motherly instincts - drama much?

Yet, the most challenging of all - figuring out how to feed my mental self with good vibes and practice them daily, hourly and even down to the last minute. It has taken me this many years to accept that taking care of myself doesn't stop at physical. Mental me needs a serious come to Jesus. Which brings me to my Friday Five:

01. Terri Cole. I discovered her podcast and allowed myself to look past the title "phschotherapist" and gave her first episode a listen. Whether you feel you have the need or not, she is so inspiring to listen to.


02. 7.30am walks: Through the neighborhood with the girls - the dog and baby, kind of girls. Hubby's routine is to insert the AirPods to listen to his podcast while walking the fur child around that time in the morning. When he is out of town, it's my turn.


03. Greeting cards. I have always had a little fetish for a good greeting card. One of my new favorite places to browse for a unique card - Trader Joe's and its 99c collection. I am still a sucker for snail mail, so it's a little challenge I have set for myself - brining it back, one greeting card at a time.


04. Pinterest. I know, I know, what woman doesn't? Honestly, I took a brief hiatus from Pinterest for reasons I can't remember. Too much screen time maybe? Well, it's back with a vengeance! Top 3 searches - kitchens with rugs, easy toddler snack ideas, and inspiring quotes.


05. Bookstores. I haven't been in a bookstore in over a year but found myself wondering why I hadn't taken my darling child to a place I once loved the most. As we stepped through the double doors of Barnes & Noble and got a whiff of coffee and fresh pages, I instantly thought of Christmas shopping and late night dates with my husband 10 years ago. I put her little feet on the ground in the children's section and let her touch every damn book she could get her little hands on. We are totally bringing Barnes & Noble back.

So, I guess feeling ragged at the end of the week with no man to greet at the end of the day and share my sheets with really wasn't so bad after all.

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