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Friday Five

What an "all over the show" week it was for me. From the desk to the baby pool and many things in between. In between all of those in betweens, I found some time to gather up five of my favorite things from the week.

01. Arteriors. If you don't know this furniture (and many more things) company... look them up. I do a lot of to-the-trade sourcing and communicating with furniture companies, but rarely do I take the time to browse as if I were shopping for my own home. This week, I found myself doing some out of my league window shopping on the Arteriors website, and I pretty much furnished my entire dream home.


02. Daily Planner. Honest statement alert!... I can be quite forgetful, outside of work, at times. Between an iPhone calendar, text alerts, post it notes, magnetic note pads on the fridge, my husbands' brain and my daily planner... I manage to keep myself on track and accomplish all personal tasks. Day Designer is my daily planner soul mate.


03. Big Little Lies. Yes, yes, I know I am behind but I am finally joining the bandwagon. I have committed to reading the book before beginning the series. Don't tell me what happens! I am half way through the book and at 10pm every night, I am fighting the urge to read the next chapter, and then the next.


04. 90s Rap. Bringing it back on the treadmill.


05. Health. I'm not just talking eating right and exercising. I'm talking the physical ability to do so and the mental health to get through this thing we call life.

Happy Friday. Literally, happy!


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