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Friday Five

Because today, I just need a feel-good kind of 5. We are living in crazy times - heart breaking times - but while we're out there trying to stay safe and do the right thing, we absolutely must not forget to take care of ourselves. I'm kind of talking to myself here. What makes you feel good? Can you think of 5 things? Today, I'm feeling these 5.

  1. I was recently introduced to the enneagram. I found my number and discovered a new outlook on life. I strongly recommend it.

  2. My little family and I have been frequenting the beach quite a bit lately. It's become a kind of family therapy. I have also been showing some serious interest in #vanlife... like, adding a van to the wishlist kind of interest. Also, @jasmine.lorimer Instagram is quite beautiful and adventurous.

  3. "We were literally put on this earth to love and be loved."- I mean, it is truly that simple.

  4. Stash's Licorice Tea has taken over my Moroccan Mint stage of life.

  5. Nature = Outdoors, and the great outdoors has become that much more important to our lives these days. Ok, so this bouquet may be faux but place it in a vase in your and it will last forever.

Do something for yourself today...and then go do great things for the world!


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