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Friday Five

I love lists! Whether I'm writing a list of to-dos or creating a post, short and sweet or long winded... I can find just about anything to make a list for. And so, on Friday I'd like to share a list five things that are relevant to who I am. Must haves, must sees, must dos, can't live with or without, favorites and, and, and.

Today it seems appropriate to start the week with five things that keep me going - period.

5 Things That Get Me Through The Day

01. My husband. He is my biggest supporter & my voice of reason. From day one of our 9 years together, he has pushed me to my creative limits. He would rather see the dining room table filled with papers, notebooks, pictures and scraps of fabric than bare, because he knows I'm in a happy place.


02. Our 2 dogs, Jack & Sally. The house is always filled with joy because of them. They encourage me to take breaks and walk outside, to take a moment to be grateful for life away from my desk and they remind me everyday that loyalty has no boundaries.


03. Running. I have gone in and out with my commitment over the years, with a break for yoga, but my mind is always clearer after a few miles. I feel closer to myself during a run and so much more connected to my world afterwards, despite the sweat and lack of breath.


04. Reading. It's my chance to switch off. Away from my desk, my mind is always racing from one thing to the next, even during a conversation, reading is really the only thing that quiets my mind.


05. Writing. Something I don't do enough of. Since I can remember I have been scribbling notes in journals and sending letters to pen pals (remember those days?). For me, writing really is a way to blow off some steam. It's the perfect place for me to be alone and let my mind wander. Some of my best ideas come from writing about nothing at all.



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