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I love the holidays! Christmas is full of joy and I am thankful for Thanksgiving. And Halloween? Halloween is one of my favs! ๐ŸŽƒ I have always enjoyed how the "dark side" can be embraced and made fun and festive with Halloween decorating. Making black cheerful, bats beautiful, spooks and spiders made sassy and scary made joyful. Ever since I became a Mom, my love for this holiday was amplified by a fabulous child who has embraced it too (on her own). She thrives amongst the scare factor!

Halloween Decorating

Halloween decorating is just as fun as Christmas decorating in our house! October 1st, the welcome mat says Happy Halloween, the bats are hanging on the front door and the pumpkins are covered in spiders. We like to go a chic kind of spook in the house. Glass pumpkins, fancy skeletons, bats on the walls and our favorite (growing) haunted mansion collection.

Memorable Family Fun

October is the month of Halloween and it truly brings the family together. Family fun is at the top of my list! Having a laugh while the house gets decorated with a little scare, our favorite snacks become Halloween-inspired treats (like mummies in blankets, monster pancakes, deviled egg spiders), creating new traditions - like Daddy-Daughter homemade cake (this year was a haunted graveyard that turned into a waterfall with swimming ghosts...gotta love some improvising when you have a 5yr old with spur of the moment ideas) and our family movie night musts.

My Halloween Finds

I have been inspired by many designer's personal holiday decorating, popular products and even some vintage looks. This year, I am collecting new pieces and adding a few to my wishlist for next Halloween. Enjoy!

Bats, French Bulldog Skeleton, Black Crows, Vintage Artwork, Printed Linen Tea Towels, Terracotta Skull Vessel, Haunted Mansions, Hanging Lit Skeleton, Cocktail Glasses.

Happy Halloween!

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