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How to create a stress-free office space

Whether it be a cubicle or desk, home or office, this is a space where most working people spend the majority of their day. Yikes! It is so easy to get distracted by a computer screen while working that we simply aren't aware of the internal stress that is brewing. Lack of interaction with people, a lot of screen time and blah surroundings will create zero inspiration. What is productivity without a little bit of inspiration? To promote success and keep your creative juices flowing, take time to beautify your surroundings. By removing or adding certain elements to your office space, you could be increasing your success without even realizing it. How do we make this happen? Here are a few tips to get yourself jazzed up about your work space -

- Declutter - this is one of the most important steps to take. Clutter can cause mild anxiety, or a boat load of anxiety for an OCD prone personality. Decluttering is energizing, it gives a sense of accomplishment and allows your mind to wander - without a barricade of clutter, your eyes have the opportunity to fall upon possible inspiration outside of your box. Cleaning and organizing can also be calming and reduce stress levels. I found this article to be super helpful.


- Plants - incorporate greenery where you can. They help to reduce stress, clean air, boost productivity and help reduce sickness. Huff Post shares a list of 8 indoor plants to "de-stress your home and purify the air."

- Burn candles - if your boss allows. If you are the boss, then yay for you! Certain scents and yellowish lighting have both proven to promote relaxation. Calming scents - lavender, lemon, chamomile and vanilla. Sand and Fog candles are my FAVORITE and always available at TJ Maxx!

- Add personal touches - if you find yourself feeling stressed out in your office space, consider adding a couple of personal touches to keep you grounded. These could be beautifully framed photographs or a piece of art that boosts some inspiration.


- Organize your desktop. A mass of files and folders on your desktop can be causing some subconscious anxiety. Simplify your folders and keep files saved in the appropriate folders. Don't overload the icons - keep the ones you use on a daily basis in the taskbar and move the others into an easy-access folder. Google some inspiring desktop wallpaper, like these from Design Love Fest.

"A clean and calm desktop will help your mind stay clean and calm as well!" 


Time to relax and get to work!

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