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Monday Mood | bueno kitchen

Apartment Therapy featured a home I am pretty much ready to move in to. Journalist, Carina Michelli, and her home in Buenos Aires pretty much shut down Instagram last year. Her kitchen has become an Insta-sensation. Of course it did, just look at it!

From the rustic kitchen island to the bold as can be cabana stripe, the contrast is perfection. The basket weave textures and neutral colors bring natural elements along with the POP of natural lighting. Every piece comes together to create a vibe of a farmhouse by the sea. Take me there!

The classic cabana stripe - quite close, or most likely to be one of my favorites. An open weave rattan pendant is pure beachy texture. Carina's antique kitchen island is hard to beat, but there are so many priceless pieces out there, it just takes some patience to find the right one. 1st Dibs is a great start if you don't want to do the physical leg work. Is there such a thing as too many baskets?

Straight out of the article:

"Carina stresses the importance of order and attention to detail when decorating interiors. These are the elements vital for creating a sense of harmony in every room. She says that cheerful colors and a variety of textures are also important. And, if you ever have doubt about what to add to a room, Carina strongly recommends you buy more flowers."

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