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Monday Mood | gettin' farmhouse fresh and staying within your client's budget

All the modern farmhouse feels today with this snazzy bathroom. I have this thing with antique rugs in bathrooms. Yes, there are many things to consider when making this bold move - moisture being the top contender. Research before you get fancy.

Fun fact: If your client sees something they love and don't quite have the wiggle room in their budget for it, go home and enjoy dinner with the family. Wait, that makes no sense. Send me the inspo pic, the wishlist, or what not... while you're at home enjoying a hot meal with the fam, I'll be finding you some budget-friendly options to present to your client tomorrow morning. Yes. It truly is that simple.

I did something here that I RAREly, if ever do. I didn't include link backs to all of these wonderful products. Give me a moment while I backtrack my steps - these companies deserve their credit. I mean, aren't you in love with that rug already!?

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