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Monday Mood | jungle fever

It's Monday! Some of wake up with the need for motivation - I'm not talking about the kind of motivation one needs to get through life, I'm talking creative motivation. I don't know about you, but if I let the creative side of my brain sit idle for too long I find myself lacking inspiration to think creatively at all. Yes, I can form sentences and enjoy back to back episodes of Peaky Blinders, but when it comes to writing or any form of designing, my mind draws a blank.

So, I'm adding something to my weekly agenda - getting myself creatively motivated from Day One. Monday. I will be gathering a few of my latest wishlist items and curating a little mood board. Call it a visual mental note, or a very spendy shopping list.

I have a weakness when it comes to animals in decor. A leopard print. A faux head mount. A fabric adorned with whimsical creatures. Combine those with some modern design elements, and you have my attention! Here's a little look at my Monday Mood:

Black and white tile applied as a functional, yet dead sexy backsplash - YES please! | A sweet little shadow box... who would've thought a baboon could be so freaking adorable?! | Decorative pillows by a design crush of mine, John Robshaw (side note: I want to trot the globe with this talent!) | When I get rich and famous, I believe I will finally own an antique Turkish rug. | A pair of jazzy parrot bookends would make a delightful addition to a bookshelf (filled with an overflowing amount of second hand books I have yet to read). | There absolutely nothing wrong with a bouquet of faux blooms. | Ok, I don't quite know where that bomb ass chandelier would hang in my home, but I LOVE it.

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