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Monday Mood | moon dreaming

In case you forgot, Saturday, July 20th, was National Moon Day. Ah, there's a day for everything it seems. But National Moon Day is quite a historic day, as it commemorates the day man first walked on the moon in 1969. No matter how many years pass, this will remain one of the most memorable in our history.

So, after staring at the moon a moment or two longer, I am left with some serious inspiration this Monday morning. In honor of out of this world milestones, here is some moon swoon:

A lunar color story from Fabricut | Tabarka nailing it again with some hand painted tile | A super cool piece of astronaut art | Moon phases fabric | A star map... I've fallen in love with maps, and what better map than that of the heavens?! | How about a little moon candle for some decor | Pointed star clock | Snow moon lamp... desk lamp goals

What's your mood this Monday morning?

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