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I turned my handbag (or purse, depending on which part of the world you call home) upside down in parking lot this morning while loading up my 5yr old in the car. Looking at the contents sprawled out on the concrete really brought to life what I find "essential" throughout my day. What must be held at my side and toted around town as I run errands and go about my day to day life in general. I asked myself, do I truly need all of this stuff about my person all day?

So, I took an inventory. Naturally. To answer my own question, I may not need these things... but I certainly miss them when they aren't there. I was gifted a beautiful Portland Leather Tote from my extremely dialed in on "what is hot and what is not" husband. Let me tell you, this tote can hold a mountain more than what I currently carry on a daily basis. This has been a day trip bag and even a carry-on when needed. It has held a novel, an oversized wallet, a laptop and charger, a coloring book, pencil case, a change of toddler clothes, snacks and bottled water. I'm talking Mary Poppins meets Hermione Granger kind of bag. It may not carry a bath tub and oversized tent, but it's pretty magical. Ever visited the farmer's market and carried two bottles of wine, corn on the cob, a bag of cherries and a box of local chocolate in your purse? You should totally try it one day!

However, this lovely leather tote does not have to meet such high standards every day. When my belongings are not haphazardly laying in the road... they are haphazardly and lovingly thrown into 'Almost Perfect Leather Tote Bag'. Personally, I would've gone with Totally Perfect Leather Tote Bag, but I guess some people like the idea of a clasp or zipper? 🤷🏼‍♀️

What are your essentials? Are you a wallet, phone, keys in hand or a check-in size luggage kind? Do you have a favorite purse, handbag or tote?

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