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off to target for some entry styling...

I have this love-hate thing going on with Target (I'm sure many of you can relate). I can enter the store list-less, "just browsing", but somehow manage to leave the store with a bullseye stamped shopping bag. Whether it be a piece of art or pair of socks, there is an unexplainable reason that I always exit with something.

So, having expressed my current relationship with Target I also need to share what I love most. One of those things being the fact that Studio McGee has partnered with Threshold and released a gorgeous collection of home furnishings and decor. Yes, this collab isn't a new thing, but it's worth talking about. Quite like Target, I love Studio McGee for many reasons. Their design aesthetic was effortlessly transferred into their products, leaving us all the chance to add a Studio McGee look to our own homes (without the design fee).

I was doing some entry sourcing for a project that had a low-mid range budget, and we did not want to skimp on style. So we opted out of shopping for beautiful pieces with hefty price points and found just what we needed at Target. Check out one of the design options:

Happy 🎯 Shopping!


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