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Stop (Not) Blogging - Just Get a blog Copywriter to do it already!

Yes, it is true. Blogging is still a thing (actually, it never went anywhere). If you were over it before you even clicked 'Create New Post' then you are not alone. Managing a blog is time consuming. It's a mountain of time consumption compared to managing your own Instagram account. It's a lot, right!? All of the content, posts, compiling stories, liking and commenting - and if you're still tip toeing around Reels then you REALLY know what I'm talking about. All of your time is going into Instagram and so it feels like that will be enough social media-ing to keep an audience engage, alas, it is not. Let me tell you why by comparing what each platform does for you.

Instagram plus Blog graphic with notebook and computer
Instagram + Blog

INSTAGRAM is there to:

  • Build a following (or a community if you will)

  • Engage with your audience

  • Connect with like-minded businesses and/or brands

  • Share brief tips, tutorials and so on

  • Direct followers to your website...and blog!

Benefits of a blog:

It is evergreen🌲Meaning, it's there to stay. It is yours, you own it and you control it. You don't have to fuss around an ever evolving algorithm to ensure the content moves in the direction of that algorithm. . Create an SEO-friendly blog post and then let it do all of the work for you once you click Publish.

It allows you to go more in depth with your subject - whether it be a how-to, trend setting inspiration or something on the more personal side. When readers visit your blog, they are there to truly "read more."

A blog gives your website a little more color and personality. Yes, your website is there to sell your service or product but people tend to trust a person more than just a brand or service. And yes, an about page will do the general outline of who you are and where life has taken you to get to where you are with your business, but your blog will give your readers more than an outline. If you utilize your blog to offer information and inspiration, believe me, it'll take you places.

Stop! Don't wave goodbye to Instagram now. You're gonna need to hang on to that one. In fact, Instagram can be your blog's best friend. Since you are able to gain a following a whole bunch faster on Instagram than on your blog, use it to guide your followers to your blog. Share a latest blog post Story on Instagram to encourage your audience to read the post on your website. (Did anyone catch the x2 helpful hints in that last sentence? You just got a new idea for a Story post AND you just found another way to generate more traffic on your website! 🤘🏼

How to blog tip with Lauren Spencer Designs Copywriter

If you're on the fence about implementing a blog into your website, or still coming up with reasons to keep it on the back burner, let me just say... it's time your blog ball gets rolling. Don't let lack of content hold you back. This is where a copy writer comes into play. They will take time to study your brand, your voice and what message you would like to get across to your future clients and followers.

Yes, it's time TO HIRE A blog COPYWRITER

Let's talk about how a copywriter will benefit your business by saving you time and adding rich content to your website.

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