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The bag of essentials post

I've always loved the spread in the design or fashion magazines asking the editor - what's in your bag? Then there is flat lay of all the beautiful products they just can't go without. It's quite fancy pants, if you ask me, so I'm going to do just that. "What's in my bag" this month or always?

Let's begin with the bag. It's a Kate Spade crossbody that barely fits a wallet, however, I'm here to tell you it fits a wallet, phone, multiple pens, Moleskine cashiers notepad, pack of gum, mints, car keys, bobby pins, hair ties, chapstick, tiny pot of handmade lotion (shoutout to the in laws!), spare earrings & toddler snacks. Now that I think of it, there is nothing chic about the contents of my little purse. But, let's have some fun either way...

I would love to know what you're toting around. Maybe I'm missing something!

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