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The Design Assistant | get on board with the concept board

So you've had the meeting with your new client and you have determined their needs, hopes, dream, wishes...and their style. It's time to put together a beautiful presentation to blow their socks off. What does your presentation look like? Gorgeous, no doubt. But if you're looking to freshen it up and add a little more visual material? How about an updated, super stylish concept board that captures their style with inspirational images and a color palette that is influenced by your vision for the space.

Here's another idea - a stylish concept board for each space/room! Insert these into your digital or in hand presentation to get their attention and offer a little something to proudly show their friends whats to come in their home.

What does such a concept board like? However you wish! But here's a little visual to get your creative juices flowing. These can be provided as a part of The Design Assistant service, or you can request these as a one off task.

Pantone 7576 C | Grasscloth Wallpaper | The Modhemian | Shoppe Amber Interiors | McGee and Co

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