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You Need Social Media

You've read through the Services Menu, learned all about Lauren Spencer Marketing & Design, but you're still not convinced that you truly need digital marketing services to help increase your brand awareness. Today, I'm going to break down one form of digital marketing service or action every business owner should be doing, continue doing, or increase how much you are doing.

Social Media.

Believe it or not, some business owners just don't feel the need to incorporate this giant step into their marketing plan! Gone are the days of Social Media being the #1 way "millennials" connected and networked for social purposes alone, it is now the #1 way for businesses to connect and network for success. Social Media is no longer an option for businesses to increase their brand awareness, it is an absolute necessity.

The platforms you choose to engage will depend on who you are and who you are targeting, and it's super important to narrow down which platforms you are going to commit to using, and I don't use commit lightly! Share, engage, track, repeat. And this is where the commitment tends to fall off the band wagon. "I should be out there meeting with my clients, not fiddling around on social media!", "Put my time into posting an image at the optimal time of day to see how many likes I can get? You must be joking!", and on and on... ahem, this is where your digital marketer is going to step in.

My Top 3 Platforms

FACEBOOK should be the cornerstone of your social media presence. It has the widest demographic and is the easiest platform for targeted marketing. What to share? Think, company news, new arrivals, questions for followers, user generated content (contact your favorite Instagrammer and ask permission to share one of their images... hint: which one got the most hearts?)

49% of users like a Facebook page to support a brand they like

INSTAGRAM went from personal and private accounts to brand building platform without skipping a beat. Instagram is the place for businesses to show off their personality, let their hair down and have some fun with their marketing. What to share? Behind the scenes, inspirational quotes, your latest blog post, promo. And, lest we not forget, high quality images! (For more awesome ideas, check out XOSarah's post '30 Ideas for what to post on Instagram' - LOVE HER!)

60% of Instagrammers say they they learn about a product or service on the platform

PINTEREST is the be all and end all of visual inspiration. And yes, Pinterest leans more towards the female-focused companies. Us ladies are no longer just scrolling, and scrolling, and scrolling for recipes and amazing outfit ideas, we are buying and selling! If you've got something to sell, Pinterest should be your go to for driving traffic to your website! What to share? High quality images of your products, inspirational images that preach your brand, text overlays (text over an image... think, inspirational quotes and how-tos).

87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.​

Are you ready for a digital marketer yet?


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