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the design assistant

This is a specialty service created for the Interior Designer.

It is designed to give time back to the designer, to streamline their business process through task management and project assistance. The Design Assistant gives you all the services of a standard VA, equipped with Interior Design experience.



how can i help you?

With over 11 years of experience in the design world, I can vouch that Interior Design is more than simply picking out pretty fabrics and shopping for gorgeous furniture. It is a passion, yes, but also a profession that requires so much more.


It is managing a project, developing relationships, providing a quality service, assembling a workforce, problem solving, and more... and that's all before the designing even begins.

It is my belief that teamwork makes the dream work (yup, I just said that). The Design Assistant is a service that will allow you to focus on your clients and the joy of designing.



- Orders & Invoices

- Vendor Communication

- General Administration

- Daily Tasks

- Social Media

- Product Research

- Sourcing (fabrics, accessories, furniture)

- Pricing & Stock Check

- Vendor Account Set Up 

- Mood Boards

- Presentation & Stationary Creation

- Complete Presentation Creation

- Graphics for Marketing & Social Media


pre-packaged options

20 hrs/month



This is the perfect option for you if you need someone to call on for a little help here and there. From the largest task to the smallest to-do, I'll help you meet your deadline with time to spare!


30 hrs/month



If you just took on a large project, or juggling a couple of small ones, and need someone on standby for a variety of tasks - this is the option for you. You'll find yourself simply reviewing options rather than searching for them!


40 hrs/month



From the smallest task to compiling a complete presentation, this option is going to give you all of the full-time assistant benefits without occupying office space. Now that you have the extra time, get ready to take on a new client or go on that well-deserved vacation.



Get in touch so we can discuss your needs and create a tailor made package for you

or select a pre-packaged option that suits your needs

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