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The Business

In short, Digital Marketing is the use of different media outlets to market a business, brand or product, whether it be through a website, social media, email marketing and so on. Digital marketing, or inbound marketing, take a more personal route to marketing by focusing on attracting customers & clients through informative & relatable content - like social media & blogs. Inbound marketing lets you promote your brand on a more personal level, with the opportunity to target your audience, you get to tailor your content to make it more relatable to them. A personalized newsletter is so much nicer than an ad in the newspaper, wouldn't you agree? There is one necessary step to keep your business growing through inbound marketing, and that is consistent care - Facebook posts, blog entries, Instagram shares, interesting to read newsletters and never ending interaction. If your head is spinning right now, that's where I come in! My Digital Marketing services will teach you the steps to diving into the digital scene, guide you through the process & manage the details you don't have time to do.

My Story

In business, 10 years in the design field led me to a marketing position at an Interior Design firm and that's where I found the path to the road I am walking on. My interests have grown from fabric and paint colors to code and digital design. I decided to take this new love and combine it with a dream I have had for years - to build success from home (outside of successful laundry folding) - so here I am! My goal is to contribute creativity, knowledge and tools to help others accomplish their own business dreams. 

In numbers, I was born in South Carolina & from the age of 2, I grew up in South Africa. 19  years later I moved to Charleston, South Carolina. 2 years later I met my husband, 8 months later we were engaged and married 5 months after. We moved to Oregon for 1 year, moved to South Africa for 10 months, back to Charleston for 2 years, on to Arizona for 3 years & back to Oregon where we are settling for an undetermined amount of numbers.

In a story, I have always had a love for words & colors which left my teenage years filled with journals, scrapbooks & cut up magazines. I soon found a love for Interior Design which took me to the wine lands of Stellenbosch, South Africa  to study it and a handful of wine tastings, I graduated. After I took half my heart out, I left it in South Africa and set my sails to the USA. I discovered a love for bluegrass music, the smell of a marsh, oyster roasts... and a tennis player from Oregon. Guess where the other half of my heart went? We stretched our travel legs and went on a number of adventures - from 7 months of rain to a non-profit in a South African village, a moment in the Holy City to an extended period of time in the desert of the Southwest. We have been accompanied by a Golden Retriever for 5 years and adopted a Border Collie to complete the family. We have been blessed. 

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